Não se pode viver sem amor(2010)

又名:Love is All We Need



导演:Jorge Durán 编剧:Jorge Durán


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优乐电影网为您提供2010年由未知 主演,Jorge Durán 导演的《Não se pode viver sem amor》/又名《Love is All We Need》电影在线观看,《Não se pode viver sem amor》百度云网盘资源以及《Não se pode viver sem amor》高清mp4迅雷下载,《Não se pode viver sem amor》BT下载,希望您能喜欢!

It is December 23rd in Rio de Janeiro. A boy named Gabriel travels to Rio de Janeiro with a girl named Roseli in search of his father. On their way they face dangerous events, discover Gabriel’s special gift and meet people who take Gabriel back to his past.
Plot Summary:December 23rd. A series of random encounters will radically change the lives of various persons. Ten-year-old Gabriel and thirty-year-old Roseli arrive in Rio De Janeiro in search of the boy's father who left them years before. João is an unemployed young lawyer who is deeply in love and desperately seeks a way to improve his life. Pedro is a university researcher who lives with his father and is going thorough a period of drastic changes within his family. Gilda is a nightclub dancer willing to leave the city behind, but who is still held back by the happiness she once let slip through her fingers. All of them are living through borderline situations heightened by the imminent arrival of Christmas. However, it is from these unexpected encounters that they regain some hope as well as the feeling that it is not possible to live without love.