Roberto Carlos e o Diamante Cor-de-Rosa(1968)



导演:罗伯托·法里亚斯 编剧:Berilo Faccio


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Plot Summary:While shopping in Tokyo with Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos, Wanderléia decides to buy a statuette of stone in a store in a mall. The trio of friends has an argument with a stranger that is also interested in the antique and they are followed by the man and his henchmen. They fight in a desert area and the man breaks the object. On the next morning, the trio has to travel to Israel but Wanderléia decides to buy another statuette. She never appears in the flight but a couple of days later, a genius tells to Roberto and Erasmo that he has come from the magic statuette and he brings Wanderléia back to her friends in Jerusalem. They find a map inside the statuette but the stranger lures them and steals the map. However, they retrieve the map and try to decipher its content in a mouse-and-cat game with the stranger. They discover that the map indicates the location of a hidden treasure and they head to Rio de Janeiro trying to find the stone where the mythological ibis is carved. They ...