When Greek Meets Greek(1915)



导演:西德尼·德鲁 编剧:Sam Smiles


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Plot Summary:Although he has determined not to marry, Hudson Turner, a millionaire bachelor, falls in love with Margery, the beautiful and charming daughter of Cooke, the hotel manager at Laughing Springs, where Turner is spending the summer. His nephew Ellis, Hudson's sole heir, reads of his uncle's engagement in the paper, and greatly worried for fear he will lose the fortune, hurries to New York, where he meets his uncle and tries to persuade him that Margery is marrying Hudson solely for his money. He is skeptical, but finally decides to prove Margery's love by a test. Hudson returns to Laughing Springs on crutches, with his nephew and valet, and with a terrific grouch against the world in general, pretending he is very ill. Margery, however, proves most solicitous and sympathetic. This proves conclusively to Hudson that her love is sincere, and Ellis, seeing his plan failing, decides to squeal on his uncle and see what effect that will have to break up their engagement. He accordingly tells ...